St John’s on-the-Hill launched its first Science Fair in April with over 30 entries from years 3 and 4 battling it out for the overall science fair trophy.

The pupils’ projects included erupting volcanoes, electronic games, solar powered toys and scientific studies into the effects of music on heart rate and the feeding habits of garden birds.

At the end of the fair, the science fair trophy was awarded to Arthur Hendy, year 4, whose idea for reclaiming wasted energy in the home showed incredible creativity and scientific understanding. The winner in year 3 was Bea McEwan, who demonstrated edible models of plant and animal cells and their organelles.

Dave Bennett, Head of Science, at St John’s on-the-Hill, said: “Our Science Fair was a roaring success thanks to all those who exhibited projects. The judges were blown away by the quality of the entries and the time, effort and creativity that went into every single project was incredible. Next year’s science fair is already one of the most eagerly anticipated events of 2017!”