St John’s on-the-Hill School hosted its first Academic Enrichment Evening, on 20 September 2016, which saw children from Years 6-8 and their parents fully immersed in the art of origami.

David Griffiths, Deputy Head Academic, said: “It was absolutely brilliant to see the children and their parents engaged in origami, often working together and sometimes in competition with each other to produce the best work! The final exercise involved producing some inter-linked hearts using Mobius strips that were stuck together in an orthogonal relationship and then cut following a specific pattern. Even our new Head, Ruth Frett, managed to succeed and find her romantic side!

“Huge thanks go to the teachers from Clifton College who directed the evening. Particular thanks go to Christa Hann, Head of Mathematics, as she brilliantly guided us through increasingly complex manipulation of the paper we were given. It was a great evening in every respect.”

St John’s next Academic Enrichment Evening is on Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 6pm. It will be delivered by the Headmaster of Dean Close, Bradley Salisbury, and is entitled ‘What is Justice?’.

Please contact David Griffiths if you would like to attend with your child.