St John’s on-the-Hill pupil, Guy Jones, aged 11, is believed to be the youngest student to gain an A* in GCSE Latin.

Guy was introduced to Latin by his grandfather at the age of five and is so competent in the language that he sat his GCSE exam early.

St John’s Head of Languages, Aurélie Crathorn, said: “We are so proud of Guy’s incredible achievement. It is wonderful to have a student that is so passionate about ancient languages. Guy has a real talent when it comes to learning complex grammar and worked hard to prepare for the exam with lots of test papers and vocabulary exercises.”

“Far from forgotten, the Latin language gives a great insight into modern European languages and offers a wonderful way to dip into other subjects; English with myths, Maths with Roman Numerals, Art with mosaics and History with a study of the Romans.”

Guy and his grandfather, Mr David Griffiths, have now started learning Ancient Greek together and hope to take a GCSE in the language next year. He is also preparing for a GCSE in Latin Literature.