Pupils at St John’s on-the-Hill School dressed in international costumes to celebrate diversity and the appreciation of other cultures as part of World Languages Day on Friday 14 October.

There was a selection of fun activities designed to promote language learning. The children were each given a passport, which they had to get stamped before they could visit each country.

Aurélie Crathorn, Head of Languages at St John’s on-the-Hill School, said: “The day was a big success with the children taking part in multi-lingual workshops which celebrated the language and cultures of Japan, France, Mexico, New Zealand and many more countries throughout the world. We had lots of fun with competitions including a Eurovision Song Contest and a Boules Tournament. The day ended with a brilliant prize assembly to which parents were invited to see all of the things the children had learnt. A highlight was watching the children perform the New Zealand Haka.”

fancy dressperforming