mathsAs your child moves through St John’s there could come a point when you will find it difficult to support your child with their Maths. While you probably will have ‘your own way’ of calculating the answers, your methods may not be the same as the ones we use.

Mathematics is so important to every child’s education; we want to help you as parents to support your child at home. This is what has inspired me to write this ‘self-help’ book – The Guide to the Mystery of Maths. It contains all of the main topics taught from Years 3 to 8, with a step-by-step approach to our pedagogical teaching methods. It is the way we teach your child each topic, therefore, allowing you to continue at home.

The book is split into the four main areas of Mathematics, with each year group attached to every topic. The book can be downloaded for free as a pdf.To request a pdf or hard copyplease email me at

The pdf is easy to navigate. Simply click on the topic heading in the content page and the pdf will move the book to that page, saving you from scrolling through the long document.

Our aim in the Mathematics Department is to give every child the opportunity to learn, progress and enjoy Maths. With your help we can do that!

Mr M J Allen

Head of Mathematics