St John’s on-the-Hill welcomed Scott McKeon, fiddle player with Rusty Shackle, a local welsh indie-roots band (, to its school on Friday 18 November, to launch a new folk music club called the Celtic Club.

Scott joined the pupils for a special assembly where Scott played the guitar, penny whistle, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and bodhran. He also gave a rendition of the unicorn song, complete with actions. Scott then selected four students to play the Penny whistles, bodhran and mandolin and within minutes he had them playing a little tune!

Dave Mitchell, Music Director, St John’s on-the-Hill, said: “We are so excited to have Scott on-board to lead our new Celtic folk music club. Scott is a passionate folk musician and teaches all over South Wales promoting Celtic and folk music. The club will cater for children who have never picked up an instrument as well as our more experienced musicians and if our assembly is anything to go by it will be great fun.”

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