On Tuesday 7th March the Explorer Dome visited St John’s for two exciting sessions of astronomy with Year 5 and Year 8 children. Amazing photographs, videos and maps of the stars were all projected onto the inside of the planetarium, which made for an incredible spectacle and an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Explorer Dome presenters, Charlie and Gemma, took pupils on a tour of the solar system, visiting the sun and planets to find out about their formation, their lives and even their deaths! The children learned about the possibilities of finding life on Mars or in Jupiter’s moons and discovered Neptune’s 1500mph storms, with diamonds falling like raindrops.

They also learned the history of astronomy, from the gruesome Greek myths to the Roman Gods and the discovery of planets, exoplanets and distant galaxies, using the Hubble space telescope.

A huge thank you to Explorer Dome for such a wonderful set of shows and, as always, the pupils were a credit to St John’s.