Children from St John’s on-the-Hill competed in the school’s second annual Science Fair on Thursday 23 February and Friday 3 March. The event was hotly contested, with a flood of high quality entries, as pupils competed to win Science Fair trophies.

The judges were tasked with placing a top three in each year group. Attempting to choose between chromatography experiments, air pressure rockets and chemical batteries was incredibly tough, but the judges eventually managed to make their decisions.

First place in Year 3 went to Isabelle Voyce’s presentation on the phases of the moon, which was beautifully presented and very well explained.

First place in Year 4 was awarded to Vinnie Sims’ recreation of Michael Faraday’s homopolar motor – a wonderful demonstration, which showed superb originality and a genuine understanding of electric current.

The winner in Year 5 was Eddie Hartley, who built a portable sound amplifier to improve the sound quality of his phone’s speakers.

The Year 6 prize went into Lily Salter’s presentation on the differences in sand grains from different beaches. The judges were also blown away by the time and detail that went in to Lily’s project. Lily studied the sand under a microscope and explained that the shape and size of the grains can tell us a lot about the different beaches.

Dave Bennet, Head of Science at St John’s on-the-Hill, said: “We had a fantastic turnout from all year groups and our pupils produced an amazing array of scientific experiments and demonstrations. This tremendous event is a testament to the brilliant scientific minds we have here at St John’s.”