Year 7 pupils spent the day with Mark Phillips, chief executive of interior design at Jaguar Land Rover, on Tuesday 25thApril.

The children heard all about the exciting projects Mark has worked on. Mark presented images of the C-X75 – a car to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar – where designers attempted to develop a sports car that ran off clean energy. Mark’s presentation included images of hand-drawn and computerised drawings, photography of a full-scale clay model and a video of the prototype car being tested and featuring in the James Bond film, Spectre.

Mark demonstrated drawing techniques in 2D and a cheat technique for 3D drawings. The children then got the opportunity to develop, design and present an idea on a mode of transport that would enable them to get around the school faster.

After an hour of designing, the students presented their ideas. Gavin Hancock, Head of ICT and Design & Technology, said: “Mark really enjoyed sharing his passion for design and was amazed to see what the students could produce in such a short amount of time. A special mention went to Daisy Bond’s rocket boot design, Josh Taylor’s conveyor belt floor and Georgina Solomon’s transporting watch.”