Year 3 and 4 welcomed Mr Warren, our Head’s Dad, into school last week to talk about his childhood experiences as a World War Two evacuee. The children have been exploring how and why World War Two began, life on the Home Front and life as an evacuee.

Mr Warren fascinated the children with his story about his near miss when a bomb landed feet from his family home and lay unexploded until it was defused by the armed forces.

They were delighted that he brought in his favourite childhood toy, Peaky, and his favourite book, The Wind in the Willows, which were his treasured possessions from his time as an evacuee. They were amazed to learn that he was evacuated five times during the war and that the first time he was evacuated, at the age of five, with his two older brothers, they were split up, and Mr Warren was sent to live with a different family to his siblings.

Mr Warren listened to facts that the children have learned about World War Two during their Humanities lessons and answered the questions that they put together to ask him during their English lessons.