Dressed as World War Two evacuees, children from Years 3 and 4 spent a wonderful morning at Gloucester Life Museum on Thursday 11th May. They had great fun exploring the exhibits and attending a Home Front workshop. The children were able to touch and hold a wide variety of artefacts, including gas masks, ration books, tinned food and clothing from World War Two.

Mrs Sarah Lee, Head of Years 3 & 4 at St John’s on-the-Hill, said: “Our children were fascinated by the gas masks that babies had to use and some of the shoes and clothing that were rationed. They were able to try on some of the clothing, dressing as air raid wardens. The noise from the gas rattle, that was used during World War Two to alert anyone playing outside that there might be a gas attack, frightened us all!”

The children are going to be exploring the World War Two topic for the rest of the term, looking at The Blitz and Spitfire bombers this week.