THERE’S a monster lurking in the library, ready to gobble up hundreds of brand new books!

The library at St John’s on-the-Hill has had a major overhaul, with more than £1,000-worth of new reading books arriving for pupils to get their teeth into.

Once they’ve read a book, and taken an Accelerated Reader quiz on it, they then drop it into the Bookie Monster’s mouth (thanks to Miss Wilson for her creative skills!) and grab themselves a new one. The more books they read, the more their reading range score increases, so everyone’s a winner.

Head of English, Mr Downie, said: “Thanks to the efforts of the recent Book Fair, we have been able to purchase a huge amount of new reading material for our library. It’s never looked better in there and, with the Accelerated Reader scheme being rolled out for the foreseeable future, it’s safe to say our children will be devouring books during their time at St John’s – unless the Bookie Monster gets them first!”

As you can see from the pictures, the new-look library is already a monster hit.