On Tuesday 6th March, the Explorer Dome brought its amazing science show to St John’s.

We were enthralled by two exciting and informative presentations; one to Year 5 and one to Year 8. Year 5 learned all about the solar system and our place in the universe, investigating stars and planets and how to identify the constellations visible in the night sky. They also heard some of the gruesome myths and legends of the ancient Greeks that inspired the western constellations.

Year 8 also went on a voyage through space, learning about star formation and how they can be classified using the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram. They also learned about our place in the universe and how missions to explore the solar system can advance our understanding of the natural world.

The whole morning was filled with enthusiasm and excitement thanks to our wonderful guests and the engagement of our bright young minds! A big thank you to Explorer Dome for a fantastic series of shows.