An incredible week was had by all in the Pre-Prep at St John’s on-the-Hill School! On the first morning the children were given their tickets to go onto Platform 9 ¾ and enter the wonderful world of Harry Potter where the magic began. The children were instantly amazed by the music filled, candle-lit hallway. They were entranced by the potion making areas and the magical pots in which to put their house tokens.

After being put in to Houses by the Sorting Hat in a special Harry Potter assembly, the children were thrilled by a hands-on session with owls and other beautiful birds.

The children were inspired in all their subjects. Examples of literacy activities that the children undertook were writing questions for ‘Hermione Granger’ who they interviewed, recipes for potions and excellent Room on the Broom stories.

They also had a Serpensortia experience with a visit from a mixture of reptiles. They even played Quidditch during swimming lessons with an elusive snitch in the St John’s pool! A cup was awarded at the end of the week to Gryffindor House for collecting the most House Points.

The aims of St John’s WOW weeks are to provide inspirational lessons around a theme and to create fun-filled weeks of adventure and new experiences which take the children’s interest and work to a whole new level.