On Tuesday 25th September, we once again welcomed the Science Fair to St John’s for the first in our annual series of fairs. This time, it was the turn of our Year 3 and 4 pupils.

Yet again, the judges were blown away by the quality and quantity of the entries over both year groups and the competition was hotly contested. As ever, there was a wealth of different ideas and projects on display, with entries ranging from volcanoes and windmills to unpoppable balloons and bottled rain clouds!

After careful consideration though, the judges were able to award the following prizes:

Year 3:

1st: Lilyanna Teasdale (Amazing Avocados)

2nd: Daniel Shakeshaft (Ingenious Igneous)

3rd: Elisabeth Salisbury (Skittle Science)

Year 4:

1st: Isabelle Thompson (The Problem with Plastic)

2nd: Emma Blandford (Egg Emulsifiers)

3rd: Ava Gemson (Piercing Polymers)

Overall Trophy Winner

Lilyanna Teasdale