Former Housemartin turned children’s author Stan Cullimore paid a visit to St John’s on-the-Hill school on Friday. After wowing them with poems, songs and anecdotes, the Bristol Post columnist was treated to the school’s Chamber Choir performing some Housemartins’ songs, including the Number 1 hit Caravan of Love. Stan said: “Great school, great kids, great staff”, whilst head of English at St John’s, Andrew Downie, said: “It was a brilliant day. Stan is a natural performer and the children were so enthused by his visit that they couldn’t wait to get back into class and write some poetry of their own.”

Year 7 pupil Jack Mott, pictured here with Stan, said: “It was a brilliant day. Stan is the funniest person I’ve ever met. Afterwards, he told me that Mr Downie has showed him one of my poems and, when he said he liked it, it made my day!”

St John’s has an exciting line-up of visitors at the school including artists, famous authors, musicians, theatre companies, academics and professional sportsmen and women.