The annual Year 6 K’Nex Challenge, hosted by Gloucester-based company STEMworks, took place on Thursday 7 February.

Pupils learnt about the various types of engineers and the qualities needed to succeed in the roles. Pupils were shown a clip of Wallace and Gromit launching a shopping robot to buy a big roll of cheese from the local shop. Mrs Mo Follis, Activities Coordinator for STEMworks, then set the pupils the challenge of designing and building a device that would help the shopkeeper restock the shelf with cheese. Pupils had an hour to complete the challenge. At the end of the hour the children reflected on what they had created, sharing with everyone what they liked and what they would improve.

The quality of work produced was excellent and made judging very hard, but Mrs Follis, Mr Hancock and Mr Dobbie agreed that the winning team was Nathaniel Child-Villiers and Alex Collins. Both boys will represent the school in the county final in May.