Years 5 and 6 staged two productions of Archie Dobson’s War with different children in each
cast. With great maturity and focus, both casts told the story of World War One through the eyes of
ten-year-old Archie; initially he thinks it will be a great adventure, but grows to understand the true cost of

The children put into practice everything they had learnt about Brechtian theatre and working as an
ensemble: one moment they were factory workers, then British and German soldiers in the trenches,
newspaper sellers and, in the final moments after the last post, a war memorial. All this was interspersed
with great singing of songs from the war, with a particularly moving rendition of Silent Night, sung as a
round in English and German. The audience were gripped by the intensity of the drama and the children
should be delighted that they tackled such a challenging piece so well.