The School Council and Heads of School kick-started the year by welcoming the Warden of the Dean Close Foundation, Mrs Emma Taylor, to a special lunch on Friday 27th September.

Mrs Taylor was really impressed with the ideas put forward by the pupils and is looking forward to hearing more about the Council’s work this year.

The Council holds regular meetings to discuss school issues and works hard to find solutions to improve the school experience.

Jack Mott, pupil and Council Chair, said: “It was great to get together with Mrs Taylor and representatives for Years 3 – 8 to discuss contemporary issues, and how we, as a school, can improve them.

“We are planning a School Council charity day to promote a number of charities and allow children to speak about the causes they support. We recently co-ordinated the Christmas shoebox appeal with 140 boxes.”

The Council is working on initiatives to improve locker rooms and play-time equipment. It is also creating a ‘happy/sad’ box, which will give children the opportunity to express their feelings or concerns on little slips of paper, which will be addressed privately by form tutors.