Robyn Beresford B.A. (Hons), LTCL, I.D.T.A tells us all about her new role as St John’s LAMDA Tutor 

Hello, what a pleasure and privilege to be invited to write a few paragraphs and take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks at St John’s, meeting the happy students and staff. I provide LAMDA Graded Examinations in Communication and Performance based on a 1-1 scheduled for 15 minutes a session. I have found that this method of teaching exam work is far more effective than working in a group for an hour.

I have prepared students for LAMDA examination for more than 11 years, and built a reputation for excellence. A number of LAMDA examiners have personally commented on the high standard of work produced and recommended that the standard provided should be a benchmark for future LAMDA providers.

The other day a friend challenged me and asked out of the blue, ‘why do students choose to do LAMDA and what do they get out of it?’ I realised that over the years I’d taken for granted what I thought was blindingly obvious, perhaps it has been obvious to me, because I’ve been in the enviable position working closely with students over a number of years, guiding them through their grades from Introductory stage through to Grade 8, and witnessing their natural abilities unfold as their critical skills and self-confidence emerge. The benefits of working towards a LAMDA qualification offer a myriad of opportunities to develop new skills. Listed below are a few of the benefits:

LAMDA stands for LONDON ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMATIC ART, which offers accredited qualifications through Communication and Performance examinations. The process of preparing for and succeeding in a LAMDA Examination develop a Learner’s ability to:

• read easily, fluently and with good understanding

• expand vocabulary to improve powers of self-expression

• improve confidence in speaking and listening

• memorise and recall information

• research and create persuasive formal presentations

• create and defend arguments

• engage in constructive informal conversation

• work both on their own and participate as a member of a team.

All the examinations are rooted in encouraging Learners of all ages to develop a love of literature, poetry and drama and thus improve standards of communication through the spoken word. To find out more information about specific courses, please go to LAMDA’s Exam website page.

Wowee, there you have it on a plate. Ultimately, it is a sense of achievement that empowers the student. Success in passing a LAMDA Examination demonstrates that they have met a rigorous Assessment Criteria in a particular discipline. It is a celebratory moment for us all – parent, teacher and learner – as each learner perseveres, overcomes, and reaches the next milestone of development and achievement. I look forward to my new journey at St John’s, and to the fulfilment of every students’ potential in future exam success. These skills will serve the student for life.