Magor Primary School took 1st place at the annual Primary School Maths Challenge at St John’s on-the-Hill School on Thursday 17 October. Severn Beach took 2nd place, followed by St John’s on-the-Hill in 3rd place.

40 Year 6 pupils from eight primary schools (St John’s on-the-Hill, Severn Beach Primary School, Rogiet Primary School, Offa’s Mead Academy, Usk Primary, Kymin View Primary School, Magor Primary School and Blakeney Primary School) participated in the competition. The children competed in a number of rounds throughout the day, which tested the children’s speed, strategic thinking and ability to work as a team.

Mr Matt Allen, Head of Mathematics at St John’s on-the-Hill, said: “The children showed a real talent for maths and had lots of fun. By encouraging the enjoyment of maths we can help children to develop skills in logical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. It was wonderful to see so many children taking part and growing in confidence as they solved even complex maths problems.”