On Friday 31st January, we welcomed Explorer Dome back to St Johns, with their mobile planetarium. This year, they put on three different shows for the pupils, with Year 2 getting in on the astronomical action and delighting the presenters with their knowledge and their curiosity. Alongside our regular shows for Years 5 and 8, we had an action-packed morning!

Our presenters, Dave and James, led us on journeys through our solar system and beyond, exploring the sun and planets, as well as the movements of the earth through space. We also learned about the constellations and star myths that helped our ancestors understand the night sky. Our older pupils even learned about some of the more exotic deep-space objects such as black holes, nebulae and supernovae.

Once again, the pupils were a credit to the school and we are incredibly appreciative of the wonderful shows put on for us by the guys from explorer dome. They were particularly impressed with Year 2, who really made the most of this great opportunity.