Monday 24th February saw us back in the Singleton Hall for the second Science Fair of the year. This time, Years 5 and 6 were showcasing their creativity and scientific skills competing for the Science Fair Trophy!

Yet again, the judges were blown away by the competition and the judging was incredibly tight. On display were Eclipse Models, Electronic Constellation Displays, Lessons in Meteors and Plasma Demonstrations, to name just a few.

As always, the pupils showcased their own personal interests within the theme of ‘Exploring the Cosmos’ and it was a joy to see the wonderful work they have been doing in their free time. After some hot debate in the judges’ chambers, the following were awarded:

Year 5:

1st: Nathan Davey (Planetarium Show)

2nd: Isabelle Thompson (Effects of Space on the Body)

3rd: Emma Blandford (Is the Moon Made of Cheese?)

Year 6:

1st: Isabelle Voyce and Isobel Armitage (The Life Cycles of Stars)

2nd: Tilly Mitchell (Docking the Shuttle)

3rd: Edward Hillman (Rocket Evolution)

Overall Trophy Winners

Isabelle Voyce and Isobel Armitage

The judges would again like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all those who worked on and entered projects. It was a joy to see so many excellent Science and Technology projects that showcased the incredible enthusiasm and ability of our pupils.