We pride ourselves on developing the leadership skills of our senior pupils.  We want to give our children the opportunity to develop key skills that will be essential for many aspects of their lives.

Year 7 and 8 pupils are involved in a range of activities, providing them with the opportunity to craft their leadership skills. We take part in a South African Exchange in Year 7, where pupils travel to South Africa for three weeks, exploring the country’s interesting history and understanding different cultures. It is a unique chance to meet new people and develop those all-important leadership qualities and skills.  Another one of the many activities we take part in is a Young Leaders Programme in Year 8, a course that lasts a day, resulting in an activity involving 8-10 Pre-Prep children. Pupils develop the activity, work as a team and motivate the younger pupils to learn something new.

In Year 8, pupils are nominated by staff and their peers, for positions of responsibility. As well as Heads of School, we also appoint prefects, who carry out duties and represent the school in a variety of ways.

At Dean Close St. John’s, we encourage our pupils to be involved with plans to improve and enhance the quality of the experiences for our school community. School Council is a great opportunity for all of our children to have a voice and a chance for their ideas to be heard.  The Council is run by senior pupils, who meet once a month. Within the Council, there are also Pupil Support Officers, who are available as extra support for our younger children. Having pupils who are trained how to talk to other pupils and offer support, is a real asset for our school.

At Dean Close St. John’s, we believe that children can benefit hugely from staying in a nurturing Prep School environment until the end of Year 8.  This allows our pupils to stay younger for longer and builds their confidence as leaders and young adults.