There have been some exciting changes to the curriculum this year! By moving from 50 minute to 45 minute lessons, we have been able to create an extra lesson each day (except on Wednesday when we have games and matches). This has allowed us to introduce Flourishing Friday, three lessons during which we extend learning beyond the usual classroom experience under the three broad topics of Wellbeing, Community and Wild World. Each year group will have two lots of 5 weeks on rotation of each topic. They might be working towards either the RSPB or John Muir awards in Wild World. In Wellbeing, they will be involved in the local community, discovering more about different communities plus learning essential life skills. The other lesson is called Learning to Learn. The aim of this is to equip pupils with skills to help them understand themselves as learners and develop strategies to improve their learning that they can use in their other lessons. The pupils have certainly been flourishing already – here are just a few photos.