Boarding at St John’s is more than just a sleepover – it’s a home from home where children develop skills for life and friendships forever. Houseparent Meghan Duncan tells us more:

“I love how boarding at St John’s is so different to my own experience of being a boarder. It totally feels like a home away from home – whereas I used to have to keep my school uniform on until bedtime, the kids here can change into their own clothes as soon as they get in from school, and there’s always something for them to do together. It’s so relaxed, we’re like one big family! 

After we’ve picked the kids up from school, taken them to dinner and helped them with their prep, we all get to hang out – which I love as I can stop being their teacher and be less serious. We’ll all bring our duvets down to the living room and choose a movie to watch and pick out popcorn flavours, or compete at Just Dance on the house Switch. Some bedtimes, the older boys will read to the younger boys which I find incredibly sweet”.

We’re delighted to announce that flexi-boarding is back. If your child is currently a day pupil and is keen to try out boarding for two or more nights, please contact to find out more.