Not a minute wasted, not a moment rushed.

Childhood at Dean Close St John’s. It is more than an education, it is a profound feeling of freedom; a chance to climb trees, get muddy knees, light fires, to take risks and to be challenged, to laugh and to build lifelong friendships. Being given the independence to explore their learning, both inside and outside the classroom, is an essential ingredient to every child’s educational journey. When combined with nurturing creativity, children are shaped into curious, resilient and outstanding learners, whose focus is not merely on a destination but on the skills acquired and honed along the way. St John’s teaches children to think, to be utterly kind in every situation, to ask inquisitive questions and then to leave as confident learners, faithful friends and compassionate leaders.

A real childhood is more important than ever against today’s backdrop of uncertainty; it is not a rehearsal but a precious time of growth where every part of the child must be nurtured. In the safe environment of outstanding pastoral care, mistakes can happen, failures can be embraced and worries eased. The results are clear: kind, caring and respectful children who are well-grounded and confident in who they are. The indescribable value of simply being outdoors must never be underestimated. At St John’s we endeavour to give our children the time and space to be present in the moment so that they can enjoy their childhood to the full.

Why choose Dean Close St John’s?

Choosing Dean Close St John’s for your child is about more than just an education. By selecting us to educate your child, you are deciding to give them the gift of freedom and exploration in their learning; the independence to explore what learning means to them, inside and outside the classroom. You are making the decision to give your child the best opportunity to have their creativity and passions nurtured, and to become a person who lives with a sense of curiosity. St John’s leans on Christian values, to be utterly kind in every situation then to leave and enter the wider world as a confident learner, a faithful friend and a compassionate leader.

Alongside this approach, these are some further reasons why parents choose Dean Close St John’s:

  • Small class sizes mean every child is well known and supported.
  • A close-knit, family-orientated school with excellent pastoral support.
  • Flexible and able to work around each child’s needs.
  • Inclusive – we encourage every child to participate in their engagement with academic learning and extra-curricular activities.
  • Excellent wraparound care and flexi-boarding.
  • 100% success at Common Entrance and very high rate of senior school scholarships.
  • Scholarships continue to Dean Close Senior School.
  • A unique location – beautiful and historic, close to the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, nestling on the border of England and Wales with Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Monmouth on the doorstep.
  • It is a fun and happy school!