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Reports & Reviews

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Inspection Reports 
These are just a few highlights from our Good Schools Guide review:

 ‘Parents say that the smallness of the school means that it has a truly family atmosphere and that staff know children exceptionally well.

Those we spoke to really appreciated the opportunities they get here and the kindness of the staff.

Much loved by parents, pupils and staff for its exceptionally friendly and supportive atmosphere.

To read the full Good Schools Guide Review for Dean Close St John’s click here.


Inspection Report - Rated EXCELLENT by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) – 2019

Dean Close St John’s received the highest rating of EXCELLENT in the ISI’s Educational Quality Inspection.

The two outcomes which the Inspection Report covers are:
• ‘The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements’: EXCELLENT
• ‘The quality of pupils’ personal development’: EXCELLENT

Here are just a few highlights from the report:

‘Pupils make rapid progress in most lessons because they take responsibility for their learning and behaviour and successfully engage in independent and collaborative study.

Pupils have excellent moral awareness; they value the opinion of others, consistently demonstrating courtesy and respect.

Pupils take on a wide range of responsibilities with enthusiasm and maturity; they have high levels of social awareness and work effectively together.

ISI Focused Compliance Inspection
The school has also met all of the criteria in the Focused Compliance Inspection for Schools with Residential Provision (there are only two judgements in this inspection: ‘met’ or ‘not met’).

Read the full ISI Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report below.