Chepstow is a small market town surrounded by beautiful countryside. St John’s is well regarded within the local town and pupils feels safe on the school site. We are located in an area of the country with a very low number of COVID-19 cases.


The Dean Close Foundation values every person and is an inclusive and supportive community. It challenges selfishness and promotes respect for others, service to its Schools and wider community and the development of healthy and positive relationships. The wellbeing of the whole St John’s community is our absolute priority and our fantastic Pastoral Care team will endeavour to offer reassuring support and care during this time. The health, wellbeing and enjoyment of education are our top priorities for pupils. We believe that we have the appropriate measures in place, to ensure they remain safe and they continue to have an enriching educational experience.


St John’s adheres to the BSA Safe Charter. This confirms we adhere to all Government advice and regulations and will meet the requirements outlined by the BSA.

Our top priority is that our pupils and staff feel safe and remain well. We will continue to work to uphold high health and safety standards and keep up to date with the latest government advice.

Temperature checks – St John’s will conduct regular non-contact temperature checks of all pupils, staff and visitors, including parents.

Social Distancing – St John’s will ensure there is appropriate social distancing of two metres in all areas of the school. We will ensure safe occupancy levels of all facilities and areas, and this will include rearranging furniture in classrooms, common areas, dining rooms and bedrooms, to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. Where possible, we will implement one way systems around the school buildings and pupils will be taught in small groups (bubbles), to ensure children are only mixing with the same group of people on a daily basis.

Face Coverings – Pupils and staff are allowed to wear face coverings and are encouraged to do so when in an enclosed space, such as a vehicle.

Regular Hand washing – St John’s requires all pupils and staff to regularly wash their hands and this will be actively encouraged. Disinfectant spray and hand sanitiser gels have been placed in every classroom and additional hand washing facilities have been provided.

Hygiene – Enhanced cleaning will take place around the school sites by staff wearing PPE. Particular attention will be paid to surfaces that have frequent contact, such as door handles and toilet facilities. Rooms will be ventilated between use and we will ensure equipment is not shared between pupils, other than when appropriate cleaning has taken place.

Testing – The Dean Close Foundation is offering a private testing service for the COVID-19 virus. This ensures staff and pupils can be tested quickly to avoid as much disruption as possible to school and family life.

For further information about the remote learning provision, please see the document below.

Remote Learning Information for Parents