Forces Families 

The Dean Close Foundation has been welcoming the children of members of the Armed Forces since 1886 and we are proud to have several serving and retired military personnel on our Board of Trustees as well as members of teaching and support staff.  Currently, we have over 150 children of military parents, from all ranks and military disciplines, across our schools.

Whilst we have no direct contact or contract with the MOD, we accept parents using the Continuity of Education Allowance. We know many parents find the CEA confusing and so to make life a bit easier we have simplified how we charge military parents.

Military Pricing

  1. Day pupils: Parents receive a 20% discount of the gross day fee
  2. Boarders: From 2021-22 we have introduced the following flat fee arrangement: Parent pays 10% of gross School Boarding fee.

Further Support

The fixed fee arrangement together with the CEA gives the military parent an attractive package and so further support is rare, but in exceptional circumstance and short need, further means-tested bursaries are available, and the Admissions Team are able to advise you on this.

Boarding Life

Pupils can start boarding in Year 3 (age 7) and the School provides continuity of education right through to the end of their time at St John's or at any of the Dean Close Schools.  The Boarding house is a large, comfortable, family home sitting with the beautiful St John's grounds.

The School provides a traditional, full-boarding. Pupils are fully engaged with organised activities, lessons, matches and a programme of Boarding House events on Saturdays and Sundays. Cross-schools’ concerts for military children are also organised and are scheduled to coincide with Exeat and School holidays pick-ups so that families stationed outside of Gloucestershire can attend.

St John's pastoral teams work very closely with the Houseparent to provide appropriate support, security and care for children.  The School is very sensitive to the needs of parents who may need to visit at ad hoc times to fit in with leave when serving far away.  We make every effort to accommodate the needs of serving parents to have access to their children when they are on leave.

Next steps…To make an enquiry contact the Admissions Team:

Head of Admissions, Leana Ward -

We are happy to put you in touch with other military families for a reference.

We look forward to welcoming you.