Preparatory School (the journey)

At St John’s Preparatory we welcome pupils aged 7 and above. We endeavour to develop a passion for life and this is nurtured in a secure environment, where individuality is celebrated. We encourage freedom and exploration in learning; the independence to explore what learning means to each pupil, inside and outside the classroom.

Teaching & Learning 

Pupils in the Prep follow the PSB (Pre Senior Baccalaureate) which aims to access the whole child in their learning inside and outside of the classroom. The programme helps to develop not only academic skills, but also skills such as leadership, independence and communication. This information is then shared with Senior Schools where a high proportion of our pupils go on to be offered prestigious scholarships.

We are committed to a partnership with parents, offering regular opportunities to discuss progress. Most of all we teach with a sense of fun; we encourage problem-solving, creative-thinking and aim to foster a lifelong love of learning.

Learning Support

We have a fantastic Learning Support Department who ensures each pupil’s educational needs are able to access the curriculum and is boosted in self-confidence when they approach their learning.

Dean Close St John’s are members of Potential Plus, and this underlines the school’s commitment to ensuring all children can access learning that challenges them. A number of pupils have taken GCSEs before they go on to senior school; others have been given the chance to stretch themselves by participating in national competitions and enrichment programmes.


Language support is provided for pupils whose first language is not English. Each pupil is assessed on admission and a personal programme of study is developed, based on ability and need. Lessons, individual or in small groups, cover vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, in the context of the core linguistic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Support is also given to students across the curriculum.


Dean Close St John’s provides a wonderful array of extra-curricular activities and children have ample opportunity to develop responsibility, independence and leadership skills. Alongside their education, through co-curricular activities, children are taught to respect themselves and each other, giving them morals and principles that secure St John’s in their hearts for life.

Wraparound Care

 To assist busy families, we offer all pupils the option of wraparound care called ‘Early Stay’ where the children have breakfast together, ‘Late Stay’ where children play and are offered high tea and ‘Evening Care’ where pupils can go to the Boarding House after their supper whilst they wait to be collected.

We understand the demands of family life and therefore aim to be as flexible as possible to make the school drop-off and pick-up as convenient for parents as possible.