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Dean Close St John’s inspires pupils to achieve a lifelong love of learning.

We develop the whole person in preparation for senior school and beyond. Our goal is to meet the educational needs of children with a wide range of abilities and to provide an appropriate education for every child.

With small class sizes and an experienced Learning Support Department we extend the most able pupils to academic excellence, whilst supporting the less able in accessing the curriculum.

St John’s encourages children to problem-solve and approach challenges with creative thinking – all qualities nurtured in a family atmosphere. Children are given the chance to stretch themselves by participating in competitions and academic enrichment sessions.

St John’s is a member of Potential Plus, the charity which supports children with high learning potential. This underlines the school’s commitment to ensuring all children can access learning that challenges them.

If appropriate, pupils are given support and the opportunity to take certain GCSEs at St John’s, before they go on to senior school. One of our pupils was recently awarded an A* in Maths at the age of 12.