We plan our teaching and learning in such a way that we enable each child to reach for the highest level of personal achievement.

Throughout the school we aim to:

  • Ensure that we recognise and support the needs of all children
  • Enable children to develop their full potential
  • Offer children opportunities to generate their own learning
  • Ensure that we challenge and extend the children through the work that we set them
  • Encourage children to think and work independently

We recognise and support the needs of those children who have been identified as having ‘high learning potential’. There are a variety of opportunities for particularly able children and those with a keen interest in a subject.

Programmes are put in place to support individuals with a particularly high level of ability; for instance, extra language sessions for those excelling in a foreign language. Furthermore, there are a range of external trips and competitions which allow children to broaden their horizons.

Those taking scholarships in Year 8 are given a more complex and demanding curriculum in both the academic sphere and in Music, Art, DT, Drama and Sport. In addition to the provision within lessons for children of different abilities, there are various clubs and activities in school which can help develop special interests.

Potential Plus

St John’s is a member of Potential Plus, the charity which supports children with high learning potential. This underlines the school’s commitment to ensuring all children can access learning that challenges them. A number of pupils have taken GCSEs before they go on to senior school; others have been given the chance to stretch themselves by participating in national competitions and enrichment programmes.

St John’s High Learning Potential Policy