All pupils are assessed at regular intervals and parents are informed of progress throughout the year.

School reports give clear, written feedback to parents about:

  • Level of attainment reached and progress made
  • Attitude to the subject and learning
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Targets/areas for improvement

A full written report is sent home to parents at the end of the Trinity term. Interim reports, with short commentary on progress and performance and specific targets in each subject, are sent home at the end of Michaelmas and Lent terms. Children’s performance in all subjects is graded using a combination of achievement and effort grades.

Form tutors discuss reports with each pupil individually and pupils write their personal response on the bottom.


Twice yearly parents are invited to meet with their child’s teachers at Parents’ Evening. An appointment time is issued and all subject teachers are available for discussion.

Between these times, parents are able to contact teachers via e-mail or on the telephone to discuss their child’s progress.