We strive to make sport an enjoyable aspect of school life for all pupils. We give all pupils the opportunity of playing in as many fixtures as possible against other schools.

Pupils have 4 or 5 lessons of Games a week (P.E lessons are additional) depending on their age.

Matches take place on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays against other schools.

The pupils focus on seasonal sports:

  • Michaelmas term – Hockey (girls) and Rugby (boys)
  • Lent term – Netball (girls) and Football (boys)
  • Trinity term – Cricket (girls) and Cricket (boys)


The school has extensive sports pitches and facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, large gymnasium, tennis courts, Astro-pitch and netball courts.


Girls play Hockey during the Michaelmas term. St John’s has had great success over many years, reaching the IAPS finals and winning area and county tournaments.


  • Under 13A and B
  • Under 11 A and B
  • Under 10 A and B
  • Under 9A and B
  • Under 8 A


Girls play netball during the Lent term and St John’s has had great success over the many years, winning area and county tournaments.


  • Under 13A and B
  • Under 11 A and B
  • Under 10 A and B
  • Under 9A and B
  • Under 8 A


Girls cricket is played during the Trinity term. Girls’ cricket is becoming much more popular and we play regular weekly fixtures in Years 7 and 8.


  • Under 13
  • Under 11


St John’s has an excellent reputation as a rugby school. We have outstanding team and individual results. The boys play rugby in the Michaelmas term and also some rugby 7’s in the Lent term.


  • 1st XV and 2nd XV (Years 7 and 8)
  • Under 11 A
  • Under 10 A
  • Under 9A and B
  • Under 8 A


St John’s feels it is very important that football is played in school, as football is the national sport of England. Many other independent schools have moved away from the sport. Football gives a great opportunity for all pupils to develop ball skills and many of our players go on to play for senior school and county teams. Football is played in the Lent term.


  • 1st XI and 2nd XI (Year 7 and 8)
  • Under 11 A
  • Under 10 A
  • Under 9 A, B and C
  • Under 8 A


The Trinity term sees the boys taking part in cricket. In addition, winter indoor cricket sessions are held after school in preparation for the summer months. We have a very strong fixture calendar and enter national tournaments at Under 13 level.


  • 1st and 2nd XI (Year 7 and 8)
  • Under 11 A
  • Under 10 A
  • Under 9 A, B and C


St John’s offers sports awards to children with strong sporting potential who will benefit from the opportunities, facilities and coaching that the school can offer. 11+ sports awards can continue to Dean Close Senior School, in Cheltenham.


PE lessons take place on a weekly basis and these sessions are taught in classes of mixed ability and gender. PE focuses on the individual and creative sports such as swimming, gymnastics, dance and athletics.

The children receive a variety of sports throughout their school life depending on their age.

Reception through to Year 2 get one swimming lesson, one games lesson and one PE lesson a week. In PE they focus on gymnastics, dance, ball coordination, tennis and athletics. During games they cover the different skills required for quicksticks hockey, tag rugby, high five netball, junior football, rounders and cricket. All lessons are taught by teachers who have expertise and knowledge of PE and games.

Junior school pupils cover pop lacrosse and tennis in addition gymnastics, dance swimming and athletics.

Senior school pupils cover health related fitness and badminton in addition to dance, gymnastics, athletics and tennis.

We provide lots of opportunities for pupils to participate in as many sports as they wish. We have teams or clubs for the following sports:

  • Athletics (indoor and outdoor)
  • Swimming
  • Duathlon
  • Adventure Racing
  • Pop Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo