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We love boarding at Dean Close St John’s. Our small, home-from home boarding house allows us to build strong, individual relationships. These allow us to give the necessary care and attention to meet the needs of each border, whilst supporting them to work within the systems of a boarding house which retains a family feel. From creating pizzas, to having a kickabout on our astro or snuggling on a sofa in front of a movie, activities during the week and at the weekend are varied whilst offering something for everyone.

Our full boarding pupils are regularly joined by Flexi Boarders who can stay throughout the week, whenever it is needed. Weekly boarding is also a possibility, if required. With families from far afield or as close as across the road, we take time to understand the needs of every family, working together to find the best approach for their circumstance. Every pupil over the age of 7 has the option of being accommodated in our Boarding House, which is their main social and pastoral unit.

Our boarding children come from a variety of backgrounds including Forces families, expats, international pupils and some families from the local area who value the benefits of independence and self-confidence that boarding brings. St John's has a huge amount going on every day and the Day Pupils enjoy the extra activities and life that a boarding school creates. Alongside this, additional late-stay options, as well as joining in with the Boarding activities offer increased options to fit around busy family lives.

A warm, family atmosphere creates an environment where every child can feel happy and secure. We aim to foster open, trusting relationships where each pupil feels able to approach any other member of the community, confident that he or she will be treated as an individual.  As a consequence, children grow up with a respect for others and a sense of responsibility for themselves, others and for their environment.

Flexi and Weekly Boarding

Flexi Boarding is provided as a ‘half-way house’ between being a Day Pupil and a Boarder. Many who take up the option of Flexi Boarding become full boarders in due course, and it can be seen as a way of easing into boarding for someone who has not boarded before. Places for Flexi Boarders are allocated by prior arrangement with parents booking their child in on a 'first come, first served' basis. The Flexi-Boarding option is available for single nights right through to five nights a week (weekly boarding). We love to welcome flexi-boarders into the house and see them become more regular visitors as they experience the fun that boarding offers.

Please do get in touch with the school to arrange tours of the boarding house with the Houseparents, who would be happy to talk through your specific needs and any questions you may have.

A home away from home