A warm, family atmosphere creates an environment where every child can feel happy and secure. We aim to foster open, trusting relationships where each pupil feels able to approach any other member of the community, confident that he or she will be treated as an individual.  As a consequence, children grow up with a respect for others and a sense of responsibility for themselves, others and for their environment.

Boarding Benefits

Providing children with the opportunity to board can be transformational. Boarding allows them to build resilience and grow in confidence, both of which are central to the development of any child and allows them to thrive. Positive relationships are integral for this to happen, and, with our dedicated and experienced boarding team providing expert care, we know that the children benefit so much from their time in the boarding house.

Boarding helps give children the skills they need to become well-rounded and responsible young people. It helps them build routines, improve organisational skills, and become more responsible for themselves and others. The children are given the consistent support they need to foster independence.

Time away from home in a warm, caring environment allows the children to become more independent. Boarding provides them with a wider sense of belonging and a greater appreciation of what it means to be self-sufficient – giving them the experience they need in preparation for a broader range of senior schools

All Aboard!

Embarking on the boarding journey is exciting and full of fun. Our boarding house is always full of energy, with the children able to take part in a wide range of activities such as swimming, games, movie nights and much more.

We know that down-time is also important and, with our outdoor space and games room, we ensure that a happy and healthy balance is struck. Access to electronics is limited to ensure the children make the most of the opportunities, both inside and outside the boarding house.

We also offer specialist coaching evenings in cricket, hockey, rugby and netball, alongside other sports. There will also be opportunities for masterclasses in areas such as music, drama, art and more


Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

A home away from home

Weekly Boarding

We recognise that, for working parents, a weekly boarding offer is best placed to support the needs of the family. Being with us from Monday to Friday allows for the daily stresses of picking up and dropping off the children to be minimised. We offer a weekly boarding package, designed to support busy, working parents. We aim to provide all the support that you and your child would need.

This includes:

Pick up and drop off service

All meals and laundry

Evening activities and specialist coaching/ masterclasses, free of charge

4 nights each week, £1580 per term.

Flexi Boarding

This is designed to be regular boarding on specific nights throughout a term.

We offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 night packages:          

Flexi 1 (1 consistent night per week per term): £44 per night
Flexi 2 (2 consistent nights per week per term) £42 per night
Flexi 3 (3 consistent nights per week per term) £40 per night
Flexi 4 (4 consistent nights per week per term) £37 per night

Ad-Hoc Boarding

Our flexible approach to boarding allows for children to board on the occasional night. It could be to support the family in a specific way, to spend time with friends, or take part in an activity. It may not always be possible to accommodate the request, and we ask for a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for booking a place.

The cost for ad-hoc boarding on Monday to Thursday is £48 per night.

Friday, Saturday or Sunday night: £60 per night (includes activities)