Health & Wellbeing

Pastoral care sits at the very heart of Dean Close St John’s. Knowing children is vitally important in ensuring that they can achieve in every area of school life. Form tutors and class teachers build close bonds with their classes, providing the children with the support, encouragement and challenge required to thrive. We always treat each child as an individual, recognising that children will respond differently to the pastoral challenges they may face. Our staff team works closely together to ensure that every child receives the tailored support that they need, meaning that we can track their pastoral journey through the school.

There is an emphasis on mental wellbeing, with a dedicated wellbeing suite and programmes in place to provide the children with the tools required to look after themselves and those around them. Our Head of Pastoral Care provides oversight, with our in-house counsellor and wider team giving further support as and when required.

As part of our all-round care, we also have a Health Care Coordinator on site every day and the Foundation Wellbeing Lead spends one day a week at Dean Close St. John's. 

Schools should be safe places where children thrive; the excellent pastoral care across the whole school allows our young people to build resilience, show kindness to one another and find the help that they need. The journey is a partnership shared with parents and we know that when we work together it is the children who truly benefit, and can then tread the right path more skilfully.