At St John's, we feel that music is a vital part of our curriculum, supported through extra-curricular clubs and 1:1 lessons with our team of visiting music teachers. Research shows that musical education is essential to a child's cognitive development, offering a creative outlet that encourages students to cooperate with others and to explore their own musical individuality.

From their earliest years in Kindergarten to our flourishing Year 8s, every year group receives weekly class music lessons with our music teachers. Our varied music curriculum offers our children opportunities to compose, perform and interpret a wide variety of music from around the world. Whole class instrumental lessons take place from Key Stage 1 upwards on a whole host of instruments from the pBuzz to the violin, and our Year 7s and 8s explore their music technology skills in their composition lessons.


Visiting Music Teachers

We have a team of highly skilled visiting music teachers who share their wealth of knowledge with our children, including performers from the West End and world class brass band champions.


Instruments offered include:

Strings - violin, cello

Guitar - classical and rock


Brass - trumpet, trombone, euphonium, French horn

Singing - classical and music theatre

Woodwind - recorder, clarinet, saxophone and flute




Our extra-curricular music clubs include the school orchestra, rock band, and recorder and ukulele club.



St John's has a strong history of choral singing and our choirs regularly lead our school events, concerts and church services. Our three choirs are:

Little Voices - Years 1 and 2

Junior Choir - Years 3 - 5

Senior Choir - Years 6 – 8