Senior Prep - Year 7&8


The Senior Prep years at Dean Close St John’s are such an important and significant time for our children. As they move from year 6 to year 7, we know that the next two years are vital to their development, preparing them for senior school and their future success. Here are some of the reasons why Senior Prep will support your child:

-          Being the oldest members of our prep school at age 12 or 13, as opposed to being the youngest members of a senior school community, encourages maturity and independence.

-          Being at the ‘top’ of the school with extra responsibilities allows our children to thrive and enjoy their childhood, not feeling the need to grow up too quickly. We like to think of the children as ‘big fish in a smaller pond’, where they can practice their swimming in safety!

-          Children have the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility within the school, such as Prefects, Heads of House, Heads of Sport or Heads of Music and many more.

-          For a less self-assured child, remaining in the small and nurturing environment of a prep school for longer will help to build their confidence and grow in stature.

-          Years 7 and 8 are when many children will face new challenges with regards to physical and emotional changes as a result of puberty. This journey can be made easier amongst friends and adults whom they can trust and who can devote time to guiding them through the challenges which they may face.

-          Senior Prep is the focal point of teaching and learning. It is the culmination of their time at St John’s and ensures that they have the foundations they need for Year 9.