As children enter Year 7 they are all at different stages of development. Through our experience we know that what might seem right at the end of Year 6, may not be right at 13. That is why the Senior Prep is so important. All of our children mature differently as they reach puberty and, more than ever, they need outstanding pastoral support. At a senior school in Year 7, the teaching and focus is decidedly geared towards GCSE and A-Levels. So rather than focusing on these critical years of 11-13, those schools can take their eye off the ball and your children end up adrift, lacking the emotional and academic support that they need.


Our preparation for Senior School is second to none and the feedback that we receive from Heads is testament to the work that the staff do. They comment on the roundedness of our children, alongside their ability to show kindness and compassion to their peers. They are future leaders who make a difference to the places that they find themselves.