Growing Leaders

Our Values

Throughout DCSJS we hold the values of Love, Courage and Contribution as pivotal within the life of the school. Our ambition to grow leaders continues as they enter the Senior Prep. Even more so, we expect the children to demonstrate these values and so be role models to the rest of the school community.

Knowing Yourself

We gently introduce at this stage the idea of knowing your own personality. As the children enter their teenage years, more than ever they need to understand themselves. By exploring this further, they can start to see what their strengths and weaknesses are and the areas in which they thrive best. This is unique to DCSJS and helps us to work in the best possible way with your child.


It is important that throughout a child’s life at DCSJS that they can have the opportunity to take on a wide variety of positions of responsibility and understand the skills of leadership. In the Senior Prep this is taken up a notch, as we focus more closely on developing their character and helping them to appreciate how to take leadership seriously. We allow them to lead aspects of the school and make decisions that make a difference both now and in the future.

Pupil Ambassadors

This is a vital part of school life. Our children are given the opportunity to represent the school in a wide array of activities both inside and outside of school. Whether it is showing prospective parents around, performing at a concert or simply meeting visitors, it demonstrates the integral part that they play in the life of the school.


As a boarding school, the Senior Prep years are an ideal time to spend time away from home and grow those vital skills of resilience and independence. Getting used to boarding in a small, known environment equips the children with leadership skills, whilst also gently preparing them for their senior schools.