Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. New technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence are coming online at an incredible pace, which presents any school with the challenge of what to teach. The days of simply filling children up with knowledge are simply sub-standard and will do our children no favours. This means that Dean Close St John’s children need to be as well prepared as possible, with a toolbox of transferable skills in place to allow them to transition seamlessly from one career to another.


Research has shown that children need access to a curriculum that allows them to flourish in all areas. That includes the acquisition of skills which will equip them for a bright future. It means that our children need to develop essential qualities where they learn to think, review and improve, collaborate with those around them and to be outstanding communicators. Our goal is to set our children on the right path where they can flourish in whatever field they turn their hand to, that they leave us at the end of Year 8 as well rounded and empowered learners who can see the value of building on their skills.

We have a specific focus on what we call the 5C’s:
Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Compassion and Communication.

 In the 2020 report The Future of Jobs from the World Economic Forum, the top five skills that employers will be looking for in 2025 are:

Analytical thinking and innovation

Active learning and learning strategies

Complex problem-solving

Critical thinking and analysis

Creativity, originality and initiative


Our curriculum is deliberately broad, with a wide variety of subjects. We firmly believe that DCSJS should enable children to experience learning in its fullest sense: whether, for example, as musicians, artists, actors or linguists. We know that Senior Prep is about stretch and challenge so that they leave ready to take those next steps. It is by having a curriculum that moves beyond traditional subjects that they are prepared for a bright future.


In Senior Prep there are more and more opportunities to learn from external enthusiasts who bring their expertise to inspire and stimulate the children. Whether through trips or in-school events, we give additional opportunities to stretch and challenge the children. We also invest time in opening their eyes to future careers, helping them to look beyond the everyday and have ambitious dreams.